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Companionship is the most loving way
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Left-handed baby, right-handed parents, come to Yellow Emperor Eternal Scene Open set, interesting interactiontravel through, fantasy performances, as one of the parent-child trip!

To explore the secrets of the jungle

The whole indoor parent-child Park, children incarnate colorful elves, shuttling in the mini-carNaughty Castle, Zootopia, and dozens of other parent-child activitiesThrow away worries and homework, Wanton Fun, the release of childhood moments of the sweetest smileStrange costumes, funny movements, funny facesFulfill your child's fantasy and enter the world of fairy tales to meet the clownLet the laughter break through the clouds, and have fun with your kids

No. 1 Swimming Pool, brave the pool with baby, water rope swing, water ring pull,Single Wooden Bridge over water, enjoy the fun of passing the customs courageouslyKeep in mind, though, that your landing should be graceful!Archery competition, pulls the full bowstring, the sound of phew shoots out, the Arrow feather whistled in the sideThe children were like little heroes,That heroic and handsome small appearance hurriedly clacks preservation!

Jungle climbing

The childlike innocence of children belongs to nature, let the children climb through the jungle drill slide jump

The Along the River During the Qingming Festival, when you see the magnificent buildings in the daytime,Diaolianghuadong, Swim Enough Small Bridge Water, play trouble to goEnter the Along the River During the Qingming Festival with their own mythical animalWith the help of modern science and technology, he unconsciously "entered the picture" ,Immersed in the bustling Bianhe River, enjoy a dream back to Tokyo trip.

Chinese herbal medicine Sachet, the ancients to wear sachetTo Ward off evil spirits and pray for good luck, medicine, said medicine, crushed medicine,bagging, here to learn the process of making Chinese herbal sachets, the children in practice to broaden their horizons,get new skills

Tootsie rolls, the old-fashioned waybring a baby to taste, the sugar man can not only eat, more funthe heir rolls it around with a stick and instructs the children to blowAnd all kinds of shapes come out.

Pearl place, according to geological and archaeological researchthere were pearls on earth 200 million years agoopen clam to take beads, identify pearls, string beads...... It's GonNa be an amazing experience for the babies

Zhengzhou Yellow Emperor scene area, the new performing Arts ParkProviding a space for joy for every child, the giant statue of Yellow EmperorTotem Avenuehaunted houseTempest House flaming volcano Wind StreetSnow Moon StreetSmoke and cloud, more mysteries to explore

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