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Year after year, strong "Zongzi" meaning
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At the right time, the historic scenic spot of Yellow Emperor in Zhengzhou gives you a full sense of festival ceremonies,Let you spend a different Dragon Boat Festival holiday, quickly follow the camera to the scene,Get a feel for the festive atmosphere~

Welcome your guests with a sachet

In the summer of Duanwu Festival, it's the perfect combination of Sachet and spice,A faint fragrance, a smell is the taste of the Dragon Boat Festival, Heavy Dragon Boat Ceremony,Light herbal fragrance, according to childhood feelings, all in the Sachet

The resort has thousands of custom-made sachetsMoon JI flying》《Parade of the Gods》《showgirls》《Flash mob》《The pot house revels》《Across a thousand years to meet youAnd so on many splendid performing arts sho

See The show, enjoy the holidays

Dragon Boat Festival, with friends and family, to see the performance of a lifetimeThe eternal love of the Yellow EmperorTake you to a true or false, like a dream-like magical journey, zonger sticky,Fortune, wealth, Dragon Boat Festival health, all things auspiciousZhengzhou Yellow Emperor Eternal scene area has many surprises, waiting for you to explore!

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