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Eternal love

The grand Show of Huangdi is a must-see in lifetime. It takes visitors to embark on a fantastic time-travelling journey from the Huangdi period to modern Zhengzhou. This is a multi-scene show, including The Heir of Dragon, Huangdi and Lei, Battle with Chiyou the Wizard Lord, Charm of Zheng, and Dear Home Henan. With tens of thousands of stage machinery, over 3,000 tons of water will pour from above, give visitors a feast not only on eyes, but also mind.

Prelude: The Heir of Dragon

Henan Province locates in the middle of China. It is the birth place of Huangdi, the very first emperor of China. Fighting against harsh nature, he leads his people to survive, and settles down in this land.

Scene I: Huangdi and Lei

The yellow river flows and nurtures the Chinese nation. It is by the yellow river that the romance story between Huangdi and Lei is passed on.

Scene II: Battle with Chiyou the Wizard Lord

It is 2600 B.C, the Jiuli tribe rises in the south. Its leader Chiyou the wizard lord wages war against Huangdi’s tribe. To protect his people and home, Huangdi and his Yanhuang tribe have to win this legendary war.

Scene III: Charm of Zheng

Thousands of years have passed within a blink, and the earliest and greatest poem collection is born here during the Spring and Autumn Period.

Scene IV: Dear Home Henan

In 1942, continuous natural disasters and wars led to nearly zero yield of crops in Henan. Millions of local residents were forced to flee from famine just to survive. Facing disasters, Henan people support each other with indomitable spirit and integrity.

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