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  • Yellow Emperor, what are the daily business hours in this historic resort?
    • Hello, Huangdi Qiangu Scenic spot business hours will be adjusted according to the actual situation and opening time, please call 0371-58676666 for details.
    • Is the performance of the Yellow Emperor Eternal Love fixed every day?
      Hello, the number of performances of the Yellow Emperor will be increased according to the actual situation.
    • Are there any concessions for students, the elderly and the military?
      Hello, height 1.2 meters, (excluding) or 6 years of age (excluding) children rabbit tickets, with valid documents can enjoy the Yellow Emperor from ancient times to enjoy tickets, but watch the performance does not occupy seats. 1.2 m (including)-1.5 m (excluding 1.5 m) children, full-time university undergraduate degree students (including), elderly people over 70 years of age, active military personnel, retired soldiers, people with disabilities, teachers with honorary certificates of 30 years of teaching age, the above personnel can receive preferential tickets on the basis of their valid documents (excluding luxury seats)
    • Is the scenic spot a pass? Are there any additional charges for other items? Is there a restaurant?
      Hello, the tickets you buy include tickets to the scenic spot and theater tickets, and the other items in the scenic spot (except outsourced shops) are rabbit fees. There are all kinds of snacks in the scenic spot, such as Baiyuan pancakes, old city root noodle hall, maiden tofu and so on on Xueyue Street. The snack square has Lei Zu pot helmet, Kaifeng filling soup bag, deadly roast bean skin, rattan pepper string, whirlwind potato tower and other characteristic snacks for you to choose from.
    • After buying tickets online, how to get tickets when you arrive at the scenic spot?
      Hello, when you arrive at the scenic spot, first go to the gate and brush your ID card into the park, and exchange tickets at the electronic ticket exchange office next to the antique gift shop in the scenic spot in exchange for seats for the performance.
    • After online purchase, ID card is not taken, how to pick up the ticket?
      Hello, after successfully buying tickets online, you will receive a short message for Songcheng travel. You can go to the retail window to show the corresponding text message, report the booking mobile phone number, ID card number, the corresponding order number to pick up the ticket.
    • How can I check my luggage? Can I bring my pet?
      Hello, if you are carrying a small backpack or item, you can deposit it in the locker at the door of the bathroom in the entrance hall. If you carry large luggage or pets, you can send it to the tourist reception center, just look for the front desk staff, and pets are not allowed to enter the park.
    • Is the show indoor or outdoor? Does the rainy day have an impact on the performance? How long is the performance? Is the outdoor performance going on normally? When are you going to tell each other? On?
      Hello, "Yellow Emperor Ancient Love" performance is performed in a large indoor theater, the length of the performance is 1 hour, rainy days will not be affected, but some of the outside performances will change the venue of the performance, the specific time will be based on the schedule of the day.
    • How can I change my reservation if I book the wrong ticket? If you want a refund, how can I refund it?
      Hello, if you are buying tickets on the official website of Songcheng, you can call 400-8888-518. if you are booking details on other platforms, please contact the relevant website for customer service.
    • Yellow Emperor, how do you check out the Millennium Zone Program?
      Hello, the scenic spot program can pay attention to the official Wechat of Song City Performing Arts or the official Wechat of the Yellow Emperor, click on the bottom menu of the park navigation to view. In addition, in the scenic spot totem Avenue, Snow Moon Street, embroidered building square, cultural square, cultural square and other electronic screens can also view real-time programs.

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